Crown Point Commercial Property


“Compass Career Management Solutions, a professional human resources consulting firm, carefully selected the Crown Point Corporate business park for our home in 2001. We were tired of flushing money down the ‘rental tubes’ and into someone else’s pocket. We stumbled upon a rare find when we drove up Sardis Road North. Here was a clean, attractive, manicured business park of professional companies, all brick buildings and carefully managed by the business owners and a managing firm. Crown Point is not only attractive, but we are a safe community as well. It has been a great investment!” – Robin, Compass Career Mgmt

“Before purchasing our marketing services business and the 10,000 sq ft building that housed it in Crown Point Corporate Center, we looked at many businesses and locations. Crown Point stood out for its cleanliness, the young age of the Center and our building, the proximity to our home near the Arboretum for an easy commute, and easy access to all areas of the greater Charlotte area. Now here for 9 years, the high quality of our Center remains like the day we purchased here. Having joined the Property Owner’s Association, I came to see first-hand how well our business park was managed by MPV Properties. Together, we’ve maintained the integrity of our covenants and are proud to have held a healthy cash balance throughout the entire recession. Attractive, easy access, well managed—we’ve never regretted our decision to locate here.” – Kevin, Perfect Image

“As the new owners of 4711 Properties LLC, we had been in the market to replace a commercial property which we sold in spring 2014. After determining that a 1031 exchange best suited our future real estate plans, we enlisted the services of a veteran real estate professional to identify properties which best fit our needs.

After considerable research and investigation, we narrowed our focus to a few properties including a couple in the Crown Point area. We were familiar with this area based on our friendship and business association with EVCO Construction which is located in the Crown Point Corporate Center. We were able to acquire the property located on Tower Point Drive in late August 2014 and soon after executed a long-term lease with our current tenants.

We felt the Crown Point area had several desirable features including: proximity to major roads with good access to various parts of Charlotte (Independence Blvd, I-485, Monroe Rd), a relatively good occupancy of buildings in the park which are well-maintained, the potential for future improvement of occupancy rates, as well as desirable locations for long term tenant leases–all of which were important for future ownership and/or sales activity.

4711 Properties is proud to be an owner of property in Crown Point and looks forward to many years of association with fellow property owners as we look toward continued improvements in the area and enhanced opportunities for increases in property values.”